When Coz and I took over the reigns of the Mad March Hare in 2015 we saw it as a huge opportunity to build a strong and supportive community, to create an inclusive cycling culture and to put the Midlands on the map for the very best of reasons.

Over these past 4 years we’ve invested a lot of our time, love and energy into achieving these goals and the events have evolved in many ways; from one event to two, from car park’s to festival like gatherings, from just for the die hard rider (you know who you are) to something for all riders if you're willing to commit.

And our efforts have been richly rewarded; alongside seeing the entrant numbers swell to bursting we’ve made some amazing friends, we’ve shared in some incredible experiences (the rain of MMH17, the snow of MMH18 being 2 obvious ones!) and been hugely privileged to witness the joy and elation of so many riders achieving goals they once doubted possible. The Hare has been one Mad enjoyable journey.

Sometimes however the demands of life change, and for us, these are such times. It is therefore with an equal measure of sadness and pride we announce that it’s time for us to let go and entrust the community we love to a different set of hands.

We’re delighted therefore that we’ve found some hands that are as equally passionate about cycling as we are. Local cyclist Dean Brennan (Moseley Missiles CC) and his team have an extensive history in event organising and will be operating the MMH and MSH from now on. They are absolutely committed to maintaining the very high standards of the events that we have established and have some exciting plans to continue their development to ensure they are always the best events locally & nationally. We’re sure that Mad Hare is in very safe hands and we hope you make them feel very welcome - as you did when we took over the reigns.

So its with grateful hearts and hope filled souls we’d like to thank you all for making this adventure all that it has been. The Hare isn’t an event, it’s a community and it’s a community we’ve been blessed to share in.

Ride safe, ride hard, ride long….but whatever you do – keep riding!

Dan & Coz