Hi! We are Coz and Dan Fox - two individuals who happen to be married and happen to be a little bit cycling mad!


To say we love going for a ride would be an understatement...for us the joy of cycling is threefold:

  • Being outdoors and free - away from walls, robots and conveyor belts, feeling that sense of freedom, perhaps with a little adrenaline rushRIDE.

  • Tasting food like it's never tasted before! Food never tastes better than when you're ravenously hungry and you've properly earned it...  (*Pausing and drooling over the thought of that first bite post ride*) EAT.

  • Reliving the ride over a pint and a chat. We are healthily (!) competitive with each other and love a bit of banter, picking apart the highs and lowsDRINK.


Cycling can change lives; whether that be helping improve physical or mental health, making new friends or creating and developing new business opportunities. 

We're so passionate about the joys of cycling that we want to share them with you, that's why we create events that:

  • Have challenging routes, yet are accessible to someone with a few miles in their legs. 

  • Have great food & drink! 

  • Fully support you so that you can just go out and enjoy the ride - no need to think about anything but the push and pull of your pedals.

  • Foster a friendly and inclusive atmosphere

  • Are fun! 

We've been blown away with the feedback at our previous events. We're incredibly grateful to all our fantastic riders who embrace the friendly and inclusive spirit of what we're trying to achieve.  



Whilst cycling is our passion, we know that there is more to life than bikes. Being able to cycle is a privilege that we are thankful for every time we take a sweeping descent, every time we swallow the views or every time we beat the other up a hill climb!


For us, it's important to appreciate what we have and it's important to help others who are less fortunate than us. That's why we strongly believe in supporting charities, and who better to help than Birmingham Children's Hospital and the incredible work they do helping our sick children. You can make a donation when entering the event, on the day or fund raise for them. 

We'd love to ride with you soon. 

Keep Riding

Dan & Coz