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Blog #1: New Website + Win a free meal for 2 at Original Patty Men

So we've been meaning to unite our 2 humble sportive sites on to one beautiful madhare site for some time but we've struggled to find the time to do it since the rearranging of the Mad March Hare.

Anyway, despite May/June being an incredible month for cycling in the UK we've sacrificed some of the stunning weather by sitting at a computer for far too long, eating far too many biscuits and not drinking anywhere near enough beer but voila - is born. Yep .com & were taken but we really like the 'cc'. It has a friendlier cycling club feel to it and if it works for rapha then we aren't gonna knock it!

The eagle-eyed of you will notice that things are slightly different, there's this blog for starters as well as a new(ish) logo. We've tried to bring the essence of what people love about the events into one brand - and we came up with this concept:

Ride. Eat. Drink.

Enjoy the good things in life

As explained in the ABOUT page - these are big motivators behind why we ride and, from what many of you have said, they are for you too, so it made sense to us.

We'd really love your input on what you think - let us know on Facebook or on the comments below. Plus - If you find a bug / link error / spellng error (just testing 😉) - please let us know and we'll fix it!

​Anyway to celebrate our new site, we have a prize draw for a Burger meal & Beer for 2 at OPM, Digbeth.

(Original Patty Men are royalty in the burger world!)

All you need to do is tag in a friend or share the link that we've posted for this blog on Facebook and your name will be entered in to the draw.

Keep Riding!

Dan & Coz


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