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Focus on... Dynamic Rides

With only 4 weeks to go until the 2020 edition of the now infamous Mad March Hare we will now be focusing on highlighting the partnerships, clubs, communities and riders that make the event the success it is today.

Dynamic Rides have been an integral part of the Mad Hare events for many years, not only by supplying mechanics on site and along the route, but also by being at the centre of the cycling community with their shop/cafe/club in Hockley Heath.

Here's the low down on all things Dynamic...


The Dynamic Rides shop/cafe and club home is in Hockley Heath, Birmingham and is full of jaw dropping N+1s and clothing/accessories. Super helpful staff are always on hand to help you make sure you get what you're looking for, and also to show you the things you didn't know you needed! It's a bright, clean shop that has the space to get on a bike and get a feel for your next ride. The cafe is at the back of the shop and serves a mean caffeine hit as well as being well stocked with energy bars and gels etc.


Also at the back is the workshop where your new bike is meticulously built, or where your current bike is fixed/given a new lease of life! We highly recommend you get your bike serviced before the Mad March Hare and DR are offering a 25% discount on service during March. So don't wait until the last week to get your bike in top shape, book it in now!

To book in a service please phone 01564 783332 in advance and make sure you take your event confirmation email to receive your discount

Club Rides

Dynamic Rides are committed to not just helping you get/maintain a bike, but also to get the most out of your bike by offering a weekly Saturday ride.

Sign up to the Dynamic Rides Cycling Club (DRCC) and take part with around 200 other members. With rides to suit all abilities and, if you’ve not ridden in a group before, they’ll teach you the etiquette and explain the jargon as well as introducing you to your fellow riders.

Early Registration

On the week leading up to the Mad March Hare registration packs will be available for you to pick up early from the shop. This will save you time on the morning of the event and it's also a great opportunity to stock up on energy bars and gels and any last minute spares.

Tuesday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm

Event Support

On event day there will be Dynamic Rides mechanics ready and waiting to help you if you need to get back on the road for any reason. Based at HQ in the morning, available roadside along the route and also for any fine tuning at the feed station, we really appreciate this FREE service that is provided by one of our most treasured partners, and we know you do too!

To find out more about Dynamic Rides head over to...





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