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Why We Ride - meet the MadZwift team!2

Name: Doug Johnson

Age: 44

Profession: Hospital Doctor

Zwift Group Leader: B

How long have you been riding?

I have been riding bikes since being a child. I remember going on bike adventures through the woods with my brother growing up in Canada. We must have been 6 & 8 and just headed out on our own (a different time). I became an enthusiastic mountain biker but have been a roadie for the last 10 years following a move to Birmingham and discovering a lack of hills...

Do you ride with a club?

I used to ride with the Moseley Missiles and Gorilla Cafe in Birmingham. I have recently moved to Sheffield and ride with the Common Lane Occasionals (Occasionally).

What type of rider would you describe yourself as?

I can’t help but ride pretty much as hard as possible all the time. I’m often time limited and so try to make the most of it! I’m not light enough to be a really good climber, not powerful enough to be a sprinter- I’d like to think of myself as a ‘puncheur’ - I’d be a classics rider if I could...

How many rides / miles do you ride per week?

At the moment about 100miles/ week.

Why do you ride?

Cycling gives that amazing feeling of speed, freedom and satisfaction. It also rewards hard work. I enjoy the camaraderie, the coffee and the cake too. I have occasionally walked to work- walking is so slow, so I ride...

What made you start riding?

I used to play lots of team sports, but career and family limited the regular commitment that those took. I initially started road riding to stay fit and see the countryside.

What are your ambitions for the 2019 season?

To be honest they are fairly low key. Having just relocated with the family, I’m hoping to be part of a good club and enjoy exploring the Peak District. I think chasing KOMs and the like around here are a lost cause given the raft of pro riders that train nearby! I would like to check out the local crit scene and the hill climbing season later in the year. I am, of course, looking forward to riding the Mad March and Mad Summer Hare rides.

What are your ambitions for your cycling career?

I’m sure I have the same bucket list as most people for cycling destinations and challenges. What I am really looking forward to is doing some epic rides in epic destinations with my kids when they are a bit older. A big stimulus for me to stay fit is so that I’ll be able to keep up...!

Why have you decided to ride the Mad March / Summer Hare?

I used to ride the MMH when it was run out of Cult Racing and enjoyed it then (with some epic weather thrown in too). When Dan and Corinne took over it they brought it up to the next level. The events are brilliantly organised and run events. It is the general ethos that particularly appeals. I now attend to meet up and see friends, ride together, not take it too seriously and enjoy a beer. That said, I’ll probably still charge around like an idiot!

We're looking forward to having a pint with Doug at the Mad March Hare in less than a month! If you want to ride with Doug's B group rides join the madhare cycling page ( We wanna take the chance now to say thanks to Doug for his great efforts with ride leading every Wednesday night with the B group. Typing and riding hard is not easy... Legend.

(Pic: Mr Johnson in action, leading the Bs through the tunnel in Wattopia)

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