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7 weeks to go – what should my training look like?

For those of you who’ve struggled to stay on the bike this season, now’s the time to really get on it!

Here are a few things you can do to give yourself the boost over the next few weeks (and it’s not just all on the bike!)

1. Weekend rides

These are all about building your endurance. Invest the time to do these rides to build your confidence and stamina. No backing out or hangover excuses – these are critical to your training.

Since you’ll be out for a long time, you really do need to think about your clothing tactic. Thermal base layers, bib shorts, decent waterproof, clear lens glasses, gloves, overshoes, a cap and snood are important!

Maybe you've been hibernating but as long as you're kitted out, cold-weather riding is a lot of fun! The best banter and cycling camaraderie comes from suffering together! On top of that, café stops are fully deserving of cake with the coffee!

2. Mid-week rides

Time to really start making time for these!

Yep, it’s dark in the mornings, dark in the evenings and cold in the always. BUT, these are the rides which will make all the difference.

This is because they should be short, sharp efforts so you can really work on building your fitness and strength. Push yourself, go at a harder pace, get some hill climbs in and really max out your efforts for that hour.

Time to come out of evening hibernation!

3. Indoor riding

If you have the luxury of an indoor trainer you have no excuse not to be doing your midweek rides now.

If you’ve got zwift you’ll also know that we are hosting Wed night Zwift rides every week up until the event which anyone is welcome to join – so there is really no excuse! Join the mad hare cycling club on facebook for details:

If you don’t have a trainer – there are other options. For example, The Cycling fitness Centre in Hockley Heath ( provides Wattbike classes mornings and evenings.

4. Core strength

Any good athlete understands the importance of have a strong, stable core. Your core is your foundation and should be where all your strength is coming from.

Poor core stability = poor transfer of power from you body to the pedals. It also means that you'll be overusing smaller muscles and more likely to suffer aches and pains.

Good cycling training is not just about the work on the bike.

If you feel like your cycling has plateaued, maybe you’ve been neglecting your core work?

Check out these really good GCN videos:

5. Nutrition

You know it all already but bare this in mind over the next few weeks:

Look after yourself - give your body what it needs and eat to enjoy vs remember the difference extra weight makes cycling uphill before you go for your third doughnut at work today!

Work on that balancing act.

Mad Hare Training Plan: