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Why We Ride! Eyes on the prize.

Ambition. Passion. Talent. Which one is the real key to success? Maybe success for you is standing on the post-race podium with something shiny or maybe it's finishing your longest ride of the season with some golden beer in a glass. Whichever it is, it takes a whole load of focus and gritting of teeth to conquer your personal goals.

This week's final 'Why We Ride' on setting goals for 2019 is Mollie Routledge. She's got what it takes to be a strong athlete (+ the sense of fun that you need to get you through when things get tough)!

Meet Mollie: a paediatrician whose initial ambition was to race a sprint triathlon... Little did she know that within a year she would qualify for the Great Britain Age-Group Team, taking 4th place at the ITU Duathlon World Championships! She'll be coming along for her first Mad Hare Event in March which will be the opening Sportive of 2019 in preparation for a tough season ahead...

We asked Mollie to share her answers to this month's questions to find out what 2019 has in store:

1) What was your cycling highlight of 2018?

2) What are your cycling goals for 2019?

Q) Mollie - 2018 cycling highlights that come to mind?

A) My cycling highlight of 2018 was definitely my trip to Majorca in April. I covered nearly 700km around the island with all the big climbs and my favourite spots - Cap de Formentor and the Puig Major (see photo)! Those big miles early in the year set my legs up for a great summer of riding and racing! To top it off, I managed to catch Coz and Dan for a pint in Port de Pollença

Q) Yeah! Great memories of bumping in to you & having a cerveza in Wiggo's Tolos! We know you have a busy sporting year ahead balancing work and training. What are your cycling goals for 2019?

A) Having recently moved from Cardiff to London, I have so many new routes to explore which has added an extra excitement to my bike rides! My big goal for 2019 is Ironman Wales. It’s a challenging bike course with lots of hills and I’m really looking forward to spending more time on my bike in preparation including my first MMH! Q) Mollie - first MMH. How are you feeling about it?

A) I have heard such great things about the MMH and can’t wait to get involved. The route looks like great with a mixture of flatter bits as well some good climbs! After lots of winter training on the turbo it’ll be good to see where I’m at!

Thanks Mollie & good luck! We'll be following you on insta @mollieroutledge and catching your blogs on

Let us know if you've enjoyed our January 'Why We Ride' series. We hope that:

- Reflecting on other's 2018 highlights reminded you of your own epic rides.

- Seeing other's cycling goals for 2019 has inspired you to create your own or do something similar.

We'll be doing a new series of 'Why We Ride' focusing on your cycling stories: why you started cycling, what training tips you have, why you love riding... If you'd like to share your cycling story, contact us on

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