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Why We Ride - Fat goals for a fat bike

Fatbikes - designed for the snowy wilds of Alaska and the sandy deserts of New Mexico... or the Mad Hare events!

It's now past mid Jan and our penultimate 'Why We Ride' for the month. Hopefully you've been thinking of your own cycling goals, whether it be an epic A-B abroad or perhaps some of you have a km target for the year. This week's 'Why We Ride' is Gareth Roberts. A dedicated member of the Boldmere Bullets and who, armed with a fat bike, does not shy away from riding in the snow! You'll probably recognise him from previous events - the bike is not hard to miss!

Q) Gareth! What was your cycling highlight of 2018?

A) My highlight was completing Chase The Sun with an average speed of 15 mph for the full 209 miles! The elevation is 10,000 ft

Q) What are your cycling goals for 2019?

A) My aim for 2019 is to complete the top 100 hills on my surly fat bike!

Yes we have the '100 Greatest Cycling Climbs' book! This sounds like an awesome challenge! What's your biggest threat?

I was looking at the one climb in Wales which is apparently 35%...

Good luck fitting them all in - we'd love to see all your summit photos on the madhare cycling club group!

Q) What do you like about the MMH?

A) What can I say about the MMH? You have to be mad to do it but on a fat bike, you have to be madder! If I could sum up how I feel about it with one picture, it would be this photo (above).

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