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Why we ride! Maintaining Momentum

There's more to setting cycling goals than first meets the eye...

Setting a cycling goal is just the first step. The verbalisation stage. Like a distant dream. On its own, it's nothing.

Today's 'Why we ride' we're looking at someone who, when setting cycling goals, ensures they're not just empty words. By putting actions in place (booking events, trips and committing to leading club rides) she knows that her goals will become a reality whatever hurdles life throws at her.

Meet Jules. 2018 was not her best year of cycling - losing her dad suddenly led to comfort eating and struggling with her fitness. However, Jules had cycling events and trips booked throughout the season and is a dedicated ride leader at Dynamic Rides which meant that she was able to keep the momentum. Jules is an experienced rider and has a healthy attitude to cycling - Keep the love of riding at the heart of your cycling and you'll keep craving the miles! Sometimes we can get carried away with PBs and fancy ourselves the next G but then lose a little love for the freedom that is 'going on a bike ride'. Jules enjoys her Strava cups and QOMs but never seems to let the balance flip!

Q) Jules, what was your cycling highlight of 2018?

A) My 2018 highlights were two different cycling experiences. Firstly, cycling from Andratx to Puerto Pollensa in Majorca. It was a challenging day but with some stunning coastal scenery along the way. Secondly, cycling 35 miles on a sit up and beg bike around Copenhagen.

Two very different days but both sound amazing!

Q) What are your cycling goals for 2019? A) A new place I'm going cycling to discover is Portugal. My overall challenge is to stay fit and keep to a healthy weight, not fluctuating so much. With the MMH in March and a cycling trip in Portugal, I know I'll be able to do this.

Q) Jules, your first MMH was in 2015 and you've been back every year since! Why do you choose the MMH?

A) Firstly, it's something to keep me going over the winter as an early sportive. You need to be fit for it! Secondly, it is so well organised and has such friendly, fun volunteers to help you along the way.

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