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Why We Ride! Setting goals

Christmas has happened, New Years is imminent, you're feeling reflective (not to mention bloated)... Sound familiar??

Don't worry - you're not the only one. We'd like to encourage you to practice a bit of that buzzword: 'mindfulness' and take a moment to reflect on these two questions:

1) What was your cycling highlight of 2018?

You might find that you struggle to find one particular highlight - just enjoy replaying those epic moments through in your head & savour them! 2) What are your cycling goals for 2019?

It's always good to set yourself a challenge and have a goal to work towards. It doesn't have to be huge, just big enough to get you excited about getting on your bike in 2019!

We've been speaking to a host of riders about their 2018 cycling highlights and goals for 2019.

Here are some thoughts from madhare rider, Joanne Ness - an experienced and ambitious cyclist who enjoys her cycling adventures abroad.

Q) Jo, tell us your cycling highlight of 2018?

A) My 2018 highlight was my London to Geneva charity ride for Action Medical Research in July. I rode two back to back trips covering 700 miles in 8 days and raised over 11k for the charity in searing heatwave conditions. Brutal!

Q) That's incredible! Can you share your cycling goals for 2019?

A) 2019 will see me getting fit to ride from the North to South coast of France in July with a possible cheeky stop in the Pyrenees if the legs can take it. All just for the hell of it & kindly organised by a close friend of mine. I would ideally like to combine this with raising money for MacMillan and the St Johns Hospice in Lancaster, two charities close to my heart.

Q) We notice that you're signed up for your 5th Mad March Hare! Why do you enjoy the MMH so much?

A) It is predominantly one of the hardest sportives, being the first event on the calendar with winter legs and heavy bikes! It seems to attract so many people from around the region and I always seem to bump into someone either on the road or in the beer tent afterwards that I haven’t seen for ages.

Thanks Jo for sharing your highlights and goals. Look forward to sharing a pint at the MMH finish!

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