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Sun 9th July 2023 | Malvern Hills, Upton

100 KM or 100 MILE


The Mad Malvern Hare starts and finishes in the in the shadows of the majestic Malvern Hills at Upton upon Severn.

Starting on the banks of the river we cycle around the hills with a full panoramic of the entire ridge in our sights at multiple points whilst venturing onto the hills themselves when we can.


Both the 100 KM and 100 MILE routes are undulating with some great climbs, these are our highlighted climbs that will be signposted and marshalled.

Knightwick Knoll 

Our first highlighted climb is a relatively innocuous ride up a beautiful open country lane lined by fields of cows, sheep and horses.

At 7.3% max the climb fluctuates constantly so it never feels like too much of a challenge. With 32km already in the legs you should be warmed up nicely!

Knightwick Climb_Malvern Hare.png

Sun 9th July 2023 | Malvern Hills, Upton

100 KM or 100 MILE
Munderfield Rise Climb_Malvern Hare.png

Munderfield Rise 

With the max gradient just creeping into double figures this 2.5km rise (average 2.5% grad) can take you by surprise! Its a ‘double dip’ with 800m to recover from the first climb to the second.

Our hill marshals will be cheering you on to the top as you then head down for a 3km descent to the first feed station at Bishops Frome.

Coddington Climb 

This one is all about the views - especially from the summit! Another double dip means you’re not quite there as you hit a little descent before rising again out into spectacular views of Herefordshire on your right.

It’s a photo opportunity you can take full advantage of whilst taking a breather with a handful of jelly babies and fresh water from our hill marshals.

Coddington Climb_Malvern Hare.png
May Hill Climb (100mile)_Malvern Hare.png

May Hill (100 Miles ONLY) 

This 3km climb has an average gradient of 4.5%, maxing out at 12.7%! A scenic start with open views but as you power towards the summit, the trees give a welcome shade from the sun for the final 100m.

There’s a thankful feeling on the descent as you sight the Malvern Hills in the distance and you know you are on your way back to HQ!

With the feed station just ahead you’ll be able to chat about your climb before heading back out for an easy 30km before the next highlighted climb.

Midsomer Hill 

The Madhare office used to be not far from here so this was on my daily commute! Chase End St is lined with beautiful stone houses and tree cover at times.

As you round the road to the summit you are treated to a great view of the Golden Valley and Castlemorton to your right.

Grab a final handful of jelly babies from the top before the easy roll and 13km ride to the finish line.

Midsomer Climb (100km)_Malvern Hare.png

100 KM 

Midsomer Climb (100mile)_Malvern Hare.png

100 MILES 


Sun 9th July 2023 | Malvern Hills, Upton

100 KM or 100 MILE


Starting at £35 +bf


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