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Want to be the Charity partner for MadHare for 2019? Then read on...


Hi there


We organise the best cyclo-sportives in the Midlands (some say best in the UK but we're a little bashful). You can find out more About us here and about our 2 events - the Mad March Hare Sportive here and the Mad Summer Hare Sportive here.

Our events are aimed at riders who would consider themselves as cyclists rather than recreational cyclists. Our brand is highly regarded in the Midlands road cycling community and 2018 has seen the best and most successful year yet with both events bigger and better than ever. 


We're very passionate about what we do and this is reflected in the feedback we receive - you can read some on our Facebook page.

Whilst cycling is our passion we know that there is more to life than bikes and it's important to us to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Consequently we are not like most 'charity partnerships' with big commercial events where you have to pay to be associated with the event or have to buy entries at a more expensive rate - in fact we'll actually raise funds for you! We have directly raised over £30,000 for our charities in the last 4 years.


  • Exclusive core charity partnership with the best cyclo-sportives in the Midlands for both events in 2019

  • Increased charity awareness via:

    • Marketing of the partnership through the MadHare website, emails & social media

    • Physical presence at the events

  • Direct revenue generation via donation options on the entry form - in 2018 this was in excess of £5,000 for Birmingham Children's Hospital 

  • Sponsorship opportunities for your riders. 


Our events run very successfully already however we're always looking to improve them. The following are ways that you could add value but please don't feel you have to be able to provide all (or any) of them in order to submit an application:

  • Manpower! Running cycling events requires a lot of manpower - both with organising prior to the event & operationally on the day. If you have experience in this field and could help either before or could round up a group of volunteers for the day then that would be ace

  • Marketing support - we're looking to continue to build brand awareness in the Midlands and beyond. Do you have marketing channels that would add value?

  • Networking / Introductions to potential sponsors - we have a strong brand that connects with a lot of cyclists. Could you introduce us to some companies who would want to be involved?

  • Your ideas! if you've got some ideas maybe from other events you've been involved with or seen and can implement them, then we'd love to hear them! 


2018 - Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

2017 - Acorns Children's Hospice

2015 & 16 - Sudep Action

Long term secondary charity partner = 1st Tidbury Green (Wythall) Scout Group


Please send us a proposal outlining:

 1. Who you are with an outline of the nature of the charity and some key facts. 

 2. How you could help the events - however please be honest with what you can provide and not commit to things that you may not actually be able to provide.

 3. Why you should be the charity partner for 2019.

If you have experience in events then please ensure to include this in your proposal.  

Max 2 pages please. Email it through to


5pm Friday 12th October. Time frames are tight as entries for the Mad March Hare 2019 open on 1st November 2018. 


Dan, Coz & the Mad Hare team


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